NSC 2024
Pre reading Material

NSC 2024 Pre reading Material

Get ready to maximise your workshop experience with our pre-session reading materials! Delve into essential articles, relevant case studies, and expert insights carefully selected to enhance your understanding and prepare you for active participation. 

Date: Friday 6 September
Time: PE1 0830-1200
Facilitator: Dr Vicki Kerrigan & Team, Dr Edith Waugh, Dr Justy O’Shea

Ask the Specialist Podcast: Larrakia, Tiwi and Yolgnu stories to inspire better healthcare


Date: Friday 6 September
Time: PE5 0830-1000 PE10 1030-1200
Facilitator: Dr Vida Viliunas OA

In preparation for the Practice Evaluation M+M workshop you should select a case from your experience to present at the workshop.

This task is not intended to be onerous: please select a case which highlighted learning points for you to present and discuss at the workshop. Cases should be de-identified.

The workshop will consist of presentations and guided discussion. For those who are interested in a deeper dive, some reading is attached.

Email Dr Viliunas: vidav@goape.com.au

 Pre reading – 

Date: Friday 6 September
Time: WS7 0830-1000 WS17 1030-1200
Facilitator: Dr Katherine Jeffrey

Prereading material

Date: Friday 6 September
Time: ER1 0830-1000, ER6 1030-1200
Facilitator: Dr Indy Lin and Dr Mendel Au

ASBD Workshop pre-reading

Date: Friday 6 September
Time: ER4 0830-1000, ER9 1030-1200,  ER17 1245-1415
ER24 1445-1615
Facilitator: Dr Matthew Mathieson and Dr Nikolai Fraser

Critical Bleeding

Obstetric Blood Management

BloodSafe e-learning modules (optional)


Date: Friday 6 September
Time: ER5 0830-1000, ER10 1030-1200
Facilitator:Dr Louisa Kippin


Date: Friday 6 September
Time: ER11 1245-1415, ER18 1030-1200
Facilitator: Dr Thanan Elalingam

Management of cardiac arrest during Neurosurgery – Resus guidelines

SNACC Cognitive aids for neuroanaesthetic emergencies


Date: Friday 6 September
Time: ER16 1245-1415, ER23 1030-1200
Facilitator: Dr Alison Brereton

Prereading 1

Prereading 2


Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the Larrakia people, the traditional owners of the Darwin region where NSC2024 will be hosted.  The Larrakia people have a deep, spiritual connection to the land and are responsible for ensuring it is respected by all that use it.

We commit to respecting the land, people and culture of the Larrakia Nation during the conference.

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